This series started off so strong with God Save the Queen.  I enjoyed the concept, the writing style, the characters, and was digging the novel.  I was lukewarm about the second entry into the trilogy, but still had hopes for the final addition.  Unfortunately, it only got worse with Long Live the Queen.  The series kept losing steam and then ran out of gas at the end.   There was a lot not to like about this novel.  The one thing that really bothered me is the illogical treatment of technology.  So, the series sets up as not quite being a steampunk novel, but with technology that is considerably behind our technology.  But somehow we are supposed to believe that their cloning technology is light years ahead of ours.  Somehow they are not able to just clone a human fetus (which would be a serious stretch given the disparity in technology), but they can clone a fully grown were/goblin.  They also have extremely advanced bioweapons.   It also felt tired.  The storyline never advanced from the first novel.  It just felt like more of the same.  The fight scenes were poorly described.  The author just kind of skimmed over them, even during climactic fight scenes.  Xandra is a very generic character, the type that has been done to death in this genre.  If you have read the first two novels in the trilogy, you will probably want to finish it, but I would not bother.