By the time I watched this movie, I had heard so much hype surrounding it and so many good reviews that the movie had an uphill battle to climb.  This movie has crushed all pandemic records and proved that if you focus on presenting a good story and making a good movie, people will go to watch it (yes, I’m specifically referring to Marvel under the Disney umbrella, whose products have left a lot to be desired of late and they seem to have lost their way).


Spoilers ahead, so be warned.  What this movie had in abundance was a nostalgia factor, bringing back almost every Spiderman villain from the previous iteration of Spiderman movies.  They skipped Venom so as not to confuse people with the current Venom and Rhino, who was just lame.  Having Doctor Strange in this movie also worked.  My favorite part of the movie was not just bringing back the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield to fill their previous roles as Spiderman, but when the three Spider Men worked together to thwart the movie’s villains.