I was glad to see Robert McCammon return to Matthew Corbett and his circa 17th-century novels.  I’m both a fan of historical fiction and McCammon, who is one of my all-time favorite writers, making his mark in the horror genre.  Making it even better, I had a chance to meet McCammon, and he signed a copy of this book for me.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the other two Corbett books prior to this one, and The Queen of Bedlam did not disappoint.  The prose is rich in this novel.  The pacing worked out great.  The character development and the array of characters were really strong.  There were some very memorable characters, including the villains, which mostly consisted of some strange individuals.  The backstory behind this when it got revealed was compelling.  The elements of mystery were well done.  There really wasn’t much that I can complain about, except that I thought there some parts that were perhaps a bit too long-winded, and some of those sections could have been trimmed to make the novel better.

The novel concluded nicely.  The final action sequence was strong, and it left itself open for additional novels in the future, as Corbett now has a job as a private detective and has made some really serious enemies.  I look forward to reading more in the series.