I wanted to like this novel because I found the concept to be interesting, but there were too many hurdles to leap over to actually find it enjoyable.  There were problems with the characterization and the writing, which weren’t particularly well done, but the biggest problem was believability.  And the lack of believability had nothing to do with the concept of an alien tree-like creature being launched somewhere from deep space in an impenetrable pod before landing on the sea floor, growing into a structure that was miles long and was going to then destroy the planet.  And yes, that does sound a bit far-fetched but I was willing to go with that.  It was everything else that was a problem.


For starters, the team was able to get a nuclear weapon placed on a ship with the intent to destroy this alien life form without any government in the world noticing them.  Things like the obtaining of nuclear weapons typically doesn’t go unnoticed by government agencies.  Not to mention this type of voyage would have possibly cost into the hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars, but funding and resources seemed to be no problem for these folks.  The science in the novel was preposterous and turned me off because it was almost silly at times.  The way the characters acted on the crew did not come off as realistic, but what really lost me was the ending.


Without spoiling the ending, to kill the alien creature and have the characters actually survived would have been a one in a trillion shot, and that’s being generous.  Yet, somehow they threaded the needle so that everybody could live happily ever after.  Except that it wasn’t remotely satisfying since it was so preposterous.  For me, this novel is a pass.  I think you could do much better.