In book 2 of Daniel Arenson’s Requiem for Dragons trilogy, the book continues immediately after book 1 with little regard to bringing readers up to speed with what happened in the previous novel, which is fine if you are reading them one after the other like I did, but if there was a gap in between books or you didn’t read book 1 you would be lost.

In book 2, Cade and the other weredragons are attempting to create copies of the book of Requiem to spread among the people to show that weredragons aren’t so bad, while the paladins of the Cured Temple hunt them down.  Elsewhere, other weredragons are trying to lead an attack against the Cured Temple.

I thought the first book in the trilogy was okay.  I liked the concept and thought there was entertainment value and potential but this second novel has left me disinterested.  The biggest problem is that the writing is flawed.  The author doesn’t bring the action to the reader.  The descriptions in the action sequences lack the kind of sensory detail to make me as a reader feel what the characters are feeling.  Characterization is also lacking.  Every major character in this story falls in love with another character at the drop of a hat.  They barely know another character and are already madly and deeply in love with them.  If this was isolated to one instance it would be okay, but basically every character has this happen to them.  They also each harbor terrible, dark things that have happened in their past.  Basically, all the characters are constructed the same way.  The three main antagonists in this story are just poorly constructed.


I gave book 2 a try, but I just can’t muster enough interest to complete the trilogy, even though I already have the ebook for book 3.