This novel was so different from any epic fantasy novel I have ever read.  It was refreshing to read a novel that featured orcs, dwarves, and elves but didn’t involve some massive quest with the fate of the world at stake.  That’s the blueprint of the overwhelming majority of epic fantasy, and although that’s enjoyable to read, this offered something unique and interesting.  The premise follows Rem and Torval, two members of what amounts to the police force of the city.  They stumble into a major crime spree involving important members of their city.


Beyond the premise, the execution of this novel was top notch.  The writing was strong with some modernization and grittiness in the language that reflected the hardboiled crime story involved.  The characterization was top notch, both with Rem and Torval as well as some of the side characters.  I read a great many thrillers, and the plot unfolded in a well thought out manner with suspense but without plot holes and gaps in logic.  I really don’t even have anything to quibble about.  The length was about right for the story, and there was not a massive bloated backstory or unnecessary writing that often plagues the genre.


This is a novel I recommend and look forward to reading the remaining novels in the series.