Each novel in this series by Dale Lucas is wonderfully written, shows great imagination, and stands alone.  Raise your hand if you can say that about other fantasy series.  Missing are dragons and the fate of the world in the balance.  Not there is anything wrong with that.   But I love how the author has narrowed the scope and stakes, yet has still created a wonderfully compelling read and a story world that I would return to over and over again.  These books are just enjoyable to read.


I am not sure if this ends the series or not, but there still seems to be more stories that could be told in this world.  In this novel, Rem and Torval must transport a famous bandit called the Red Raven to the kingdom where he is wanted in order to claim their substantial reward.  But nothing is at seems when the Red Raven appears to have an intimate relationship with the woman who is supposed to marry the Duke who has authorized the capture of the Red Raven.  Rem and Torval now find themselves in a struggle that has wider ramifications and have to decide on what side they stand on.


There is lots of good action and intrigue in this novel.  There is also strong characterization as you go throughout the cast of characters, something that is not easy to achieve beyond a few of the major characters, but the author skillfully navigates this.  The action builds to a strong climax, and the ending is satisfying.  If you enjoy fantasy and haven’t yet checked out Dale Lucas, then you should.