I thought the first Dune movie was a decent movie, but I wasn’t enthralled by it.  Part of the issue was that I don’t think the movie did a very good job of explaining the intricate world building in the movie, and that if you weren’t a book reader (which I am not) you were going to miss a lot of it.  Prior to watching the second movie in the series, I watched a five minute video explaining the first movie, which I thought was great because it explained many things that I didn’t understand or realize besides just recapping the plot.


I was ready to go for the second movie, and I thought this was much, much better than the first Dune movie.  Part of it, I’m sure, is that I understood the world of the story better, but I also thought the plot itself was far superior.  The characterization in the story is good.  The intrigue of the houses along with how they intersect with the Emperor and the witch women, the Bene Gesserit was interesting and well developed.  I wasn’t much into the relationship between Paul and Chani.  I thought both the character of Chani and the performance by Zendaya left a lot to be desired.  What I thought really worked was Paul’s transformation into the Muad’Dib and his interaction with the Freman people and their prophecy of a messiah.  The buildup to the final battle was excellent but the actual battle fell flat with the exception of the knife fight between Paul and the representative from House Harkonnen.  The cinematography and special effects were very good.  This, overall, is a movie well worth watching.