John Wick 4 is much like the other John Wick movies, so if you didn’t appreciate them, you probably wouldn’t like this movie, and if you were a fan of the other John Wick movies, this one will be to your liking.  This movie is very much like its predecessors except that it happens at a gander scale and seems to have a bigger budget than those movies.  Everything about this movie is just a little more than the other ones.


Certainly a big draw of these movies is the action and the fighting.  I get a kick out of all of the creative ways that they have come up with the main characters killing the nondescript characters.  This was a very long movie, so the body count was probably the biggest of all the John Wick movies.  But I think the real draw to these movies in the world building that exists with this crazy underworld and all of its rules and regulations. The writers intricately crafted this underworld, and without it the movie would be action for action’s sake, and fighting for fighting’s sake.  But this world building creates a whole web of intricate fabric that composes the John Wick movies.


This movie definitely delivers.  I’m not sure if this is my favorite of the four movies.  It’s probably the first John Wick movie that is the top of my list, but this movie certainly ranks near the top and will not disappoint.