I had heard good things about Late Night with the Devil, and anything I heard did not do justice to this movie. This movie absolutely hit it out of the park and was exceptional in many ways.

For starters, the setting was excellent. For those not old enough to know what seventies and eighties talk shows looked like, this movie was a great replica with its set and the television audience and the overall look and feel of it. Similarly, the cinematography in general was top notch. The formatting of the movie playing out as the real time airing of the show including the behind the scenes footage during commercials was great. The buildup was excellent, starting off with a real light and breezy opening of the episode that made it seem like it was going to be a silly talk show episode, then starting off with a person who could commune with the dead, then bringing on a skeptic to all things supernatural, and finally the girl possessed by a demon and her handler. It was a slow build, and the dread continued to a crescendo. The scenes where the handler spoke to the demon inside the girl and the skeptic trying to disprove everything were my favorites. The only thing I didn’t care for was the ending sequence, which was a bit artsy for my tastes.

Finally, the acting was top notch, in particular the performance of David Dastmalchian as the Jack Delroy. A movie like this would never get any recognition from the elitist snobs who run the Academy Awards and whose idea of a good movie is one that will put you into a coma from shear boredom, but Dastmalchian should get an Oscar nomination. This is an instant horror classic, one of the best I have watched in years, and you should be streaming this movie ASAP.