The Tomorrow War first intrigued me because of its premise—that time travelers come from the future to recruit people to fight in a future war against aliens.  I’m not entirely sure that the movie lived up to my expectations.  It had some good things going for it.  There was action galore with lots of good fighting scenes and some cool special effects.  The cast was strong led by Chris Pratt.  The movie did a good job of getting you to care about the characters beyond just the overall fight of humanity against the aliens.


Where it went wrong was some parts of the movie stretched the believability aspect too far and the movie didn’t always do a good job of explaining what was going on.  The military sent ordinary people out to fight these nearly invulnerable aliens with no training and just carrying a powerful weapon, as if this would somehow be an effective tactic.  It’s hard to believe that they wouldn’t set up a proper training program.  They only sent the people for a week, as if they could accomplish very much in a week.  It wasn’t often easy to figure out what was going on in the movie because they did a poor job of conveying information.  And the finale was a stretch, when they figure out a way to kill off the aliens and a group of civilians had to do it on their own because none of the governments were willing to do anything to help.


In summary, this was an entertaining movie with some flaws but enjoyable all the same.