Ozark ranks for me as one of the best shows in the past five years, and might even crack my top 10 list of all time.  It reminds me of Breaking Bad in many ways.  In both shows there is someone who is a novice who enters the world of the drug trade and fumbles and stumbles their way through it.  Eventually the novice becomes very good at plying the drug trade and rises to power, but there is a nonstop barrage of obstacles in the way.

That was the case in season 4 as well.  There were several times where Wendy and Marty Byrde got into situations where I had to ask myself, “How the hell are they going to get out of this?”  But, as usual, they prove to be super resourceful, although Wendy acted irrationally in the final season and more or less lost it.  Ruth Langmore also acted in utterly insane and reckless ways.

The cast and the writing in the show were definite strengths.  In particular, Marty and Ruth Langmore were my two favorites.  What I enjoyed about Marty is that he was always so even keel and logical, even in the face of some incredibly difficult and stressful situations.  Ruth, on the other hand, was neither of these things, but she oozed attitude and moxy.  Of course, these things got her into all sorts of trouble.  The one character that really irked me was Jonah Byrde.  His story line, where he was a money laundering mastermind at age 15, was just a bridge too far for me to cross.

Ozark ended the same way it had been for four seasons.  Even when everything was seemingly going great, you just knew it wasn’t going to last, and things would ultimately burst at the seams.  Both the season and the ending were really well done and fitting thematically.  The show had run its course, and I am glad they decided to end it at this point.