The Sundown Motel is a supernatural mystery novel that is told by two different narrators, thirty five years apart.  In 2017, Carly Kirk is trying to uncover the mystery of her aunt’s disappearance by going to Fell, New York, the place where her Aunt Vivian had been living at and where she disappeared from.  In 1982, Vivian Delaney, Carly’s aunt, is working the overnight shift as the front desk person of a rundown barely used hotel, which just happens to be haunted by ghosts.  Vivian is embroiled in an investigation of a traveling salesman, who she believes to have raped and killed several women in Fell.


I liked the shift in narration.  It worked well because the narration from Vivian parceled out information that Carly was uncovering.  I thought the way the writer alternated between past and present really stood out.  It didn’t feel contrived or gimmicky but made a lot of sense with the way the story was told.  The writing was top notch.  Characterization was also strong.  Both Carlie and Vivian were well developed characters as were many of the supporting cast.


I didn’t really see any negatives in the story.  The twist at the end was a little predictable, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Just because you can see something coming doesn’t mean that it doesn’t fit the story arc and narrative.  This was an excellent story with good supernatural elements and a strong mystery that I would highly recommend.