After reading the final book in the Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy, this series has to rank among the better ones I have read from Terry Brooks.  It’s a similar story that he’s told before involving descendants of characters he has written in the past in similar situations with similar stakes and similar talismans.  Even though he’s not breaking any new ground, and I wouldn’t give this series or this novel high points for originality, it was well written, entertaining, and compelling.  It was also a good bit darker than most of Brooks’s other works.  Many characters died in the series, and a heavy price was paid even by the survivors.


As far as this novel goes, the weakest part of the book involved Railing Ohmsford seeking out Grianne Ohmsford in an attempt to rescue his brother.  That seemed like the least consequential part of the novel that was designed to give Railing something to do.  The better parts of the novel involved the Straken Lord and his army of dark creatures escaping the Forebidding and trying to conquer the Four Lands.  The battle scenes were well done.  Also, the Ellesindil sisters trying to save the Ellcrys was also well done.  The build was strong as was the finale.  There is everything that you would want in a Shannara book and series represented here so if you like Terry Brooks, you will enjoy reading this.