In the sequel to Sins of Empire, the novel opens up with the Dynize Empire invading Fatrasta in a full scale war.  I had the impression that the entire novel was going to be one battle after another.  Fortunately, that was not the case.  What made the first novel so good was how it combined strong world building with great characterization and political intrigue.  Although I certainly don’t mind a battle scene here and there, it’s not this writer’s strong suit.  There was plenty in this novel that made the first novel such a good read.


The novel was told through the viewpoints of the three main characters: Lady Flint, Michel Bravis, and Mad Ben Styke.  One of the strongpoints is the characterization.  Besides these main characters, there are numerous side characters that are colorful and add depth to the novel.  There were strong side plots along with the main plot and various twists and turns along the way.  I also liked that that of the two sides in the war, neither of them were either all good or all bad.  Like in life, there were positives and negatives on both sides.  What set the protagonists apart was that regardless of nation, they had their own sense of morality and justice that they stuck with consistently.


This was a strong novel, perhaps not quite as good as the first book in the story, but it was definitely a worthy follow up.  This is definitely one of the better epic fantasy trilogies that I have read and I looked forward to completing the series.